Covid19 Protocol

Covid19 Protocol

According to the latest Coronavirus government guidelines, MtS is executing the following Protocol:

Updated: 22.Jan.2022

Currently there is no limit of the amount of people in the studios.

  • Hand sanitisers are available at the entrance of both studios as well as the café

  • Antibac spray and blue roll is also available in both studios to sanitise any surfaces if needed

  • The studios will be disinfected at the end of each day

  • We no longer provide free yoga mats

  • Socials are now permitted​​



10am to 5pm - €15 p/h

5pm to 9pm - €25 p/h

Weekends: €20 per hour

Terms & Conditions

Please book the studios through the booking form or directly with Marta through email -

If you’re looking to make a booking in less than 24h, and you have used our studios before, please message us through Social Media - Instagram @_mind.the.step_  or Facebook


One time hire - 3h or less

One time hire - more than 3h

Weekly bookings

Other regular bookings

- Payment on the day, before using the studio

- Partial or full payment to confirm booking

- Payment at the beginning of each month

- Full payment on the first week/day

All payments are accepted through card or cash at the café. (If the amount is over €500 a Bank Transfer can be arranged.)

Notice of Cancelation

Booking length

2hr or less

more than 2hr

More than 5hr

- Minimum notice period

- 24h before

- 5 days

- 1 week


We require that you have public liability insurance for any type of classes - Please send us a copy of your policy in advance of your booking.
We request that Mind The Step is explicitly named as a principal on the policy. Should you already have public liability cover it may just be a case of adding Mind The Step as a nominated principal in the general indemnity clause. Some larger policies will extend indemnity cover to all principals, in this case, we do not require Mind The Step to be explicitly named.


If you send us some information about your classes - name of the class, prices and a contact - we advertise all weekly classes and some weekend events on the calendar in our website and through Social Media - Facebook and Instagram. 
Also, if you create an event on Facebook and add Mind the Step page as co-host, your event will be automatically listed on our FB page.

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