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Live Calendar

In this Calendar you can see all bookings in the Step Up (yellow) and Step Down (blue) Studios. In green are the Private Bookings that indicate the Studio they're using.
Check other weeks on the blue buttons beside the date

Mobilephone View - for a clearer view of the available slots, please use a laptop

 Open Times:

Mon to Fri :  8am -    11pm

Sat:   10am - 11pm
Sun:  10am -    8pm



More than 1h

More than 5h


Mind the Step - Culture Night 2022-09361.jpg

Studio Prices per hour


Mon. - Fri.
10am - 6pm


Mon. - Fri.
6pm - 9pm


Mon. - Fri.
9pm - 11pm


Weekends and Bank Holidays

Booking a studio

Your request was submited. - Please note that your booking is NOT yet confirmed. - You will be contacted via email within 24h.

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