About the Studios

Here you can check prices and availability for the Studios.
Please email hello@mindthestep.ie to place a booking.

Step Up Studio

Mezzanine 83m2 / 893 ft
Spacious room with windows and wide mirrors (One column in the middle)
Speakers with a mini jack cable to plug in music
Cloak space just outside of the studio.

Step Down Studio

Basement 77m2 / 829 ft
Spacious room with wider mirrors
Speakers with a mini jack cable to plug in music
Hooks in the studio for coats, shoes and bags


Our studios are priced by demand to allow a variety of prices. Here are the prices per hour:
€15 - Mornings until 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm

€20 - Lunchtimes and Weekends

€25 - Evenings

Live Calendar

In this Calendar you can see all bookings in the Step Up (yellow) and Step Down (blue) Studios. In green are the Private Bookings that indicate the Studio they're using.
You can move along the weeks on the top left buttons of the calendar.


Contact Marta

Let me know what times and days you're looking to book.


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